Our research is helping develop solutions to some of the most pressing global challenges including: energy, environment, food, health and water. Our research has real impact. We engage with industry. We change the world.

The Diamond Pilot Plant

Our Pilot Plant will develop industry-ready chemical engineers for the future, giving students, researchers and industry professionals access to real-world, scalable technology.

Sustainable proteins

New protein-based flavours are being developed by the ReNewFood team to revolutionise the taste of meat alternatives. Matthew Hutchinson explains why the taste of alternative proteins is so important to reduce meat consumption.

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Carbon Capture

Funding for our new Translational Energy Research Centre will support the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Dr Solomon Brown explains what carbon capture is and what it means for the world around us.

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Reusing waste

We're working with Viridor, one the of UK’s largest waste management companies, to develop an integrated approach to extracting waste materials from landfill.

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