Mr Pratik Desai

AMIChemE,  GradEI, AMInstP

Tel: 0114 2227555

Link: NPL

Professor W.B.J. Zimmerman

Research Group:
Process Fluidics - Microfluidics


The research project is based on increasing the regeneration performance of the liquid catholyte used in FlowCath TM via microbubbles and plasma activation. It also involves the miniaturisation of the Tesar-Zimmerman Fluidic Oscillator and the application of the per actuated Memoli- Zimmerman device to the system. Realisation of the MZ device was part of my Master's Project. It also involves acoustic and photonic methods for non-invasive methods of characterisation. Heterogeneous Catalysis is another aspect of the project.


I completed my MEng in Chemical Engineering with Fuel Technology in July 2012, graduating with a First Class Honours degree at The University of Sheffield.

I am currently a KTP Research Associate with ACAL Energy - A company specialising in PEM Fuel Cells, concomitantly pursuing a PhD. The aim of the project is to increase the performance of the catholyte during it's regeneration cycle.

I am an amateur Master of Ceremonies and have hosted several charity events.

My Master's Thesis was titled: Ultrasound mediated drug delivery system via microbubbles and was done in conjunction with the National Physical Laboratory.

I am interested in several research areas such as: 

  • Biomedical Drug delivery
  • Acoustics
  • Bioprocessing & Proteomics
  • Gasification and Pyrolysis
  • Microbubbles - Characterisation and Generation
  • Microfluidics & Plasma
  • Law & IPR
  • Inverse Problems & Computational Modelling

Fundamentally a curious bugger, I am also interested in psychology, macroeconomic theory, art and linguistics.

I have been brought up in various places in South East Asia, so I am quite fond of travelling.

I currently chair the PGR Forum, Industrial Biotechnology Group and InQuizitive Society for the University of Sheffield.


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  2. Jagroop Pandhal, Lauren B. A. Woodruff, Stephen Jaffe, Pratik Desai, Saw Y. Ow, Josselin Noirel, Ryan T. Gill, Phillip C. Wright. Inverse metabolic engineering to improve Escherichia coli as an N-glycosylation host. Link