Current PhD Students

Roller Compaction: Improving the product quality by understanding the influences of rollers’ geometry, material’s properties and crushing system.
Mr Mingzhe Yu

On-line monitoring of fluidized bed granulation (FBG) process by using thermal camera imaging.
Mr Feng Li

Twin Screw Wet Granulation: the effect of drying and milling on granule and tablet properties
Kawther Kadhim

Dispersion of food powders in a liquid medium
Chiamaka Nnaedozie

Understanding the mechanical properties of wet granulated materials
Bilal Khorsheed

Interactions of powders with liquid droplets 
Ali Z. Al Hassn

Efficiency of roller compaction for agglomeration and mechanisms for binding 
Osama Mahmah

The disintegration rates and mechanisms of tablets as measured using a novel particle imaging approach 
Arthi Rajkumar

Measuring adhesion between particles 
Jiankai Yang

Continuous granulation
Sushma Lute

Regime map of twin screw 
Qing Ai 

Powder mixing and segregation
Yan Zhou 

Current Post-Docs

Dr. Ranjit Dhenge