mdProfessor Mark Dickman

Director of Research, Chair of Research Committtee.


Room D54
T: +44 (0)114 222 7541


I obtained a First Class Honours Degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. I continued at the Krebs Institute, where I obtained my PhD. Following my PhD I joined a biotechnology company, Transgenomic LTD where I worked as a research scientist developing analytical techniques including DNA/RNA Chromatography. I joined the Dept of Chemical and Biological Engineering in 2003.

I am member of number of research centres/institutes at the University of Sheffield including the Krebs Institute, Advanced Biomanufacturing Centre (ABC) and Sheffield Institute for Nucleic Acids (SInFoNiA).  I am currently the Director of Student Recruitment in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.


My research focuses on the development and application analytical techniques to study biological systems. In particular, biological mass spectrometry in conjunction with bioseparations have been utilised to study a wide variety of biological systems. Using these analytical approaches we are interested in identifying and characterising protein complexes, protein-RNA/DNA complexes, protein post translational modifications and RNA post transcriptional modifications.

Research interests

• Biological mass spectrometry
• Bioseparations
• Post-translational and post-transcriptional modifications
• Proteomics
• CRISPR systems


I welcome applications from prospective PhD students.  If you are interested in projects in any of the above research areas, you can apply for a PhD position. Contact me for further information. 

Industrial partners 

We work closely with a number of industrial partners including Syngenta, GlaxoSmithKline, and ThermoFisher.


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