Dr Grant WilsonDr Grant Wilson

Teaching and Research Fellow 

Environmental and Energy Engineering group


T: +44 (0) 114 222 7608


Twitter: @DrIAGWilson


I started my career by completing an MEng in Manufacturing Sciences and Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. After several years in the public sector and in industry, I returned to the University of Strathclyde to undertake a PhD in the area of Energy Storage. Upon completing this in 2013 I took up the post of Research Assistant, and later Associate, in Chemical Engineering at The University of Sheffield.

My current research role is with the European Smart CO2 Transformation project that aims to accelerate the penetration of CO2 derived products into various markets. 

The Vision document was completed in Q3 2015 and is available to download.

I also have the privilege of leading the module 'Introduction to Fuels and Energy' in the department's flagship postgraduate taught course Environmental and Energy Engineering, and have created a teaching resource that details the changes in Great Britain’s electrical generation. Weekly snapshots can be downloaded.

My research interests lie in whole energy systems analysis and more and more in the challenges in data collation and dissemination at different temporal and spatial levels of granularity. The interaction between differing energy systems, demand management, and active network management is key to understanding the routes to enhance network flexibility and resilience on a number of timescales. Long-term, reducing our use of fossil fuels brings challenges in terms of the provision of stored energy available to energy systems to provide a balance between supply and demand. This stored energy challenge needs to be addressed to enable the energy systems to fully decarbonise.

I am also passionate about public engagement, and took part in a Festival of The Mind project that presented thermal images of many of Sheffield’s iconic buildings. Some of the results have been posted to Flickr.

  • Whole energy systems analysis
  • Energy storage
  • Synthetic fuels
  • Public engagement
  • Thermal imaging

A lunchtime talk for Sustainability Skills and Education in February 2015 'Where does Great Britain get its energy from?'

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Graph showing Great Britain's daily energt demand since 2013