wzProfessor Will Zimmerman

UG Year Tutor: Year 4


T: +44 (0)114 222 7517


BScEng, MSc, PhD, CEng FIChemE

I'm a graduate of Princeton and Stanford Universities in Chemical Engineering and the author of over 100 scientific publications.  Previously I was Director of the MSc in Environmental and Energy Engineering, and a winner in US and UK national competitions of five prestigious fellowships (2005-6 Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellow, 2000-5 EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow; 1994-99 Royal Academy of Engineering, Zeneca Young Academic Fellow; 1991-93 visiting professorships appointed by the French Ministry of Education at the Littoral University in Dunkirk in 1998 and 2005.

I was interviewed on my algal biofuels work on BBC Radio 4 “Material World with Quentin Cooper”.  My Royal Academy of Engineering SRF, entitled “Systems Biology and Chemical Engineering” has laid down a protocol for optimal experimentation for bioreactor model-building via inverse methods. I directed Microfluidics 2003, a workshop at CISM in Udine from which he edited a book on microfluidics, and is the author of two bestselling texts on multiphysics modelling . 

  • Energy efficient generation of microbubbles and their applications (particularly biofuels and bioreactors)
  • Plasma microreactors, especially low power consumption generation of ozone
  • Fluid dynamics of helical turbulence and mixing
  • Thin film dynamics and microrheometry
  • Computational modelling with inverse methods

Perlemax Ltd.

Perlemax Ltd, University spinout company, was founded to exploit his research and technological advances. Perlemax and Zimmerman have won the below awards/recognition:

  • 2009 IChemE Moulton Medal
  • 2010 Royal Society Innovation Award (Brian Mercer Fund) (Video)
  • 2010 CleanTech Open, AXA UK Global Ideas Champion
  • 2010 CleanTech Open, International Finalist, Global Ideas
  • 2011 Zayed International Future Energy Prize, Semifinalist


Professor Zimmerman is creative or co-creative inventor on 5 patents:

(1) Bubble Generation for Aeration and Other Purposes; Zimmerman WB, Tesar V
Patent number: WO/2008/053174 (Europe). Application number: PCT/GB2007/004101. Status: Accepted. Filed date: 29 Oct 2007. Awarded date: 13 May 2011. Publication date: 08 May 2008.
Granted in USA 16 October 2012, already in UK, EU, Japan.

(2) Plasma Microreactor Apparatus, Sterilisation Unit and Analyser; Zimmerman WB, Lozano Parada JH
Patent number: WO/2010/079351 (United States of America). Application number: PCT/GB2010/050012. Filed date: 06 Jan 2010. Awarded date: 01 May 2014. Publication date: 15 Jul 2010.

(3) Bubble Generation to Strip Components of a Liquid; Zimmerman WB
Patent number: WO/2014/060740 (PCT). Application number: PCT/GB2013/052687. Filed date: 15 Oct 2013. Publication date: 24 Apr 2014.

(4) Mass Transfer Processes With Limited Sensible Heat Exchange; Zimmerman WB
Patent number: WO/2014/079993 (PCT). Application number: PCT/EP2013/074526. Filed date: 22 Nov 2013. Publication date: 30 May 2014.

(5) Rheometer and Rheometric Method; Zimmerman WB, Rees JM
Patent number: WO/2013/164587 (PCT). Application number: PCT/GB2013/051089. Filed date: 29 Apr 2013. Publication date: 07 Nov 2013.


William B. Zimmerman, Václav Tesař , H.C. Hemaka Bandulasena, Towards energy efficient nanobubble generation with fluidic oscillation, Curr Opin Colloid Interface Sci (2011), doi:10.1016/j.cocis.2011.01.010

William B. Zimmerman, Mohammad Zandi, H.C. Hemaka Bandulasena, Vaclav Tesarˇ,D. James Gilmour , Kezhen Ying "Design of an airlift loop bioreactor and pilot scales studies with fluidic oscillator induced microbubbles for growth of a microalgae Dunaliella salina" Appl Energy (2011), doi:10.1016/j.apenergy.2011.02.013.

H. C. H. Bandulasena, W. B. Zimmerman and J. M. Rees, “Creeping flow analysis of an integrated microfluidic device for rheometry.” Journal of non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 165(19-20): 1302-1308, 2010.

W.B. Zimmerman, “Electrochemical microfluidics.” Chemical Engineering Science, invited review paper doi:10.1016/j.ces.2010.03.057 , 2010.

J. H. Lozano-Parada and W. B. Zimmerman, “The role of kinetics in the design of plasma microreactors.” Chemical Engineering Science 65(17): 4925-4930, 2010.