I'm eternally grateful for all of the support I've received from the University of Sheffield, which has allowed me to secure my dream job

Photo of CBE student Patrick Anderson
Patrick Anderson
Undergraduate Student
MEng Chemical Engineering with a Year in Industry
Patrick is a final year Undergrad and has secured a graduate role at ExxonMobil, where he completed his Year in Industry

I joined the chemical engineering department at the University of Sheffield in 2017, interested in pursuing a career in the energy sector. Studying at Sheffield provided me with a platform to explore different aspects of chemical engineering, whilst also tailoring the degree to suit my interests along the way.

During my time at University, I’ve enjoyed some life changing experiences, including spending a summer abroad studying in Beijing, and completing a Year in Industry working with a world-leading energy company. The Year in Industry program was always very appealing to me, as I was excited by the opportunity to test myself in a professional setting, whilst working alongside accomplished chemical engineers. Throughout the application process, the chemical engineering department at Sheffield offered support with building a strong CV and cover letter, as well as coaching me through interview scenarios, ensuring that I was well prepared for every step of the application process.

I secured a Year In Industry placement with ExxonMobil, working at the Fawley Refinery during the 2020/2021 academic year. Fawley Refinery is the largest oil refinery in the United Kingdom, providing consumers with a range of high demand products, including petrol, diesel and specialty chemicals. During my time with ExxonMobil, I worked in the specialty chemicals side of the business, specifically focussed on improving the energy efficiency of the process units on site. Throughout my placement, I was granted real responsibility, which certainly allowed me to enhance my skills as a chemical engineer, but also allowed me to grow noticeably in both maturity and confidence. Since returning to University for my final year of study, I have felt extended benefits of the Year In Industry, with a noticeable improvement in my time-management, prioritisation and overall self-belief.

Upon graduation in the summer of 2022, I will start employment with ExxonMobil as a full-time graduate chemical engineer. Similar to my Year In Industry, I will start my graduate career at Fawley Refinery, working on the speciality chemical units. I’m excited to take the next steps in becoming a Chartered Engineer, whilst also enjoying the day-to-day challenges of working in process operation. I am eternally grateful for all the support that I have received from the University of Sheffield since starting my studies, which has allowed me to secure my dream job in chemical engineering and opened the door to potentially travelling across the world in the coming years.