I aim on achieving my goal and contributing my bit towards sustainability of the world

Anish Devdhar
Anish Devdhar
Undergraduate Student
MEng Chemical Engineering with a Year in Industry
Current student Anish has a passion for chemical engineering and is also Inclusions Officer for the Indian Society.

Why did you choose your course?

According to the United Nations by 2030, 8.5 billion people will be on earth. How to meet the demands of this and ensuring that tomorrow’s environment is kept intact is a critical issue. This factor ignited my passion for chemical engineering. My fascination with chemical engineering is because you can explore unknown substances, and creating something of value out of raw materials. What really fascinates me is how these substances be it fuels, pharmaceuticals or even simple polymer compounds, are being used by us in our day to day lives. 

What have you enjoyed most about your course so far?

My degree course is extremely well structured and according to the latest industry standards and requirements. So, it's assured that whatever we study and grasp throughout our course is of high quality. What I enjoy most in my course are the lab classes since I get to apply my theoretical knowledge into practice. Being a research-based university, my degree is a powerful blend of learning and applied research as a key part of the curriculum. In addition to regular coursework, my department gives tons of opportunities in the form of competitions, relevant projects and ambassadorial roles. My department also arranges regular industrial site visits to gives us a realistic outlook and exposure towards the kind of things chemical engineers deal with on a day-to-day basis.   

What do you think about Sheffield as a city?

Sheffield is a fantastic city to stay in. It has everything that any university student would ever want, be it food, entertainment or even as simple as casual getaways to the several scenic spots around this hilly city.  The University of Sheffield is truly diverse and international to its core. Every day there is something happening at this amazing institution that it would not take long for one to call Sheffield their home away from home. The most interesting fact about the university is that its Students Union has been the best in the UK for ten years straight! The university has over 370 clubs and societies to choose from and hence there is something for everyone to do.  All in all, it is a perfect combination of an amazing city and university!

Have you got any particular academic achievements or extra-curricular achievements you’d like to highlight?

I am currently also working as an Inclusions Officer for the Indian Society at the University of Sheffield. I am responsible for ensuring that all members feel welcomed and that inclusion is at the core of all society/committee activity. I am also the point of contact for students who might face barriers in getting involved in the society.

I have previously also worked as an Orientation Week Ambassador during orientation week specifically catered for new international students joining the university.

I am currently volunteering as an Academic Representative for my cohort by gathering and conveying feedback and ideas to my department faculty during student-staff committee meetings.

I am also volunteering as a student mentor for the university under the Sheffield Mentors scheme where my role is to guide new students in my department and provide them with helpful tips for their academics and student life. 

What are your ambitions after completing your degree?

By pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering, I aim on achieving my goal and contributing my bit towards sustainability of the world, in my own unique way. My vision is to make the world eco-friendly and sustainable to make it a better place to live in. 

What would you say to a younger student if they are considering studying engineering/science/maths at university?

I would encourage engineering aspirants with similar visions to join the engineering discipline at the University of Sheffield and see for themselves how vision transforms into reality. 

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