General Structural Testing Facilities/Equipment

Servo control systems

  • Kelsey Instruments 8 channel digital mode
  • Losenhausen/Dartec 2 channel analogue mode

Servo control actuators

  • Losenhausen 250kN 500kN 150mm stroke tension/compression
  • Eland 10kN 600mm stroke 50kN 200mm stroke 130kN 400mm stroke tension/compression

Universal testing machines

  • ESH 1000kN 100mm stroke tension/compression with thermal chamber to 200 C
  • Amsler 100kN tension/compression 400kN 1000kN 2000kN compression
  • Denison 500kN tension/compression

Strong floor

  • Capacity 1000kN 4m wide by 10m long by 2.5m high crane 5t access 3m wide by 2.9m high

Strong frame

  • Capacity 500kN frame 6.5m long by 4.5m wide by 4m high. Strong base area 25m by 21.35 m headroom 5m crane 2t access 5m by 4m

Sustained loading rigs for long term creep