The UK Centre for Carbon Dioxide Utilisation or CDUUK, brings together seven academic departments at the University of Sheffield to focus on the utilization of carbon dioxide as a feedstock for chemical synthesis.


CDUUK provides a cohesive centre for interdisciplinary research into carbon dioxide utilization in Sheffield.

Using a co-ordinated approach to research and a strategic approach to funding opportunities the Centre is at the forefront of CDU research in the UK.

A centre of excellence for pre-competitive research as well as technology ready process development. CDUUK brings together a wide variety of scientific, engineering, social science and management disciplines.

CDUUK will carry out research in all areas of carbon dioxide (CO2) utilization including, new carbon capture agents, production of fuels and polymers, biological transformations of CO2, life cycle anyalysis and public perception studies.

CO2 utilization

Carbon dioxide utilization (CDU) uses waste CO2 as a chemical feedstock in the production of a wide range of useful products. In using CO2 we can remove the need for manufacturing the product from petrochemicals, thus providing a sustainable manufacturing route.

CO2 can be used to synthesize, polymers, fuels, commodity chemicals such as methanol, pharmaceuticals, building materials and many other products.

There are challenges involved which are being solved by new catalysts, integration with renewable energy and optimising production conditions.

CDU is a growing field of research and CDUUK is at the forefront, pioneering new research and implementation strategies.

Core activities

  • Cohesive centre for interdisciplinary research in Sheffield.
  • Central networking facility in the university with access to a diverse range of external partners, including industry, external academics, funders and policy makers.
  • A co-ordinated approach to CDU research and a strategic approach to funding opportunities and applications.
  • A forum for local, national and international research activities including networking, symposium series, exchanges.
  • A centre of excellence for pre-competitive research as well as technology ready process development.
  • Access to a comprehensive international database of collaborators through CO2Chem and 4CU.
  • An Industry Club to facilitate Knowledge Transfer and potential funding and consultancy opportunities. CO2Chem already has an extensive industry network and this will form the core of future KT activities.
  • Incorporation of the CO2Chem Publishing arm to provide a route to dissemination for peer-reviewed strategy documents and briefings, similar to the Global CCS Institute in Australia.
  • A global and national critical mass in world class CDU research.

Departments involved

Contact us

UK Centre for Carbon Dioxide Utilization
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Email: cduuk@sheffield.ac.uk

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