Project partners

The CENTAUR Project involved many partner companies and institutions working together, with varying roles:


University of Sheffield
Project co-ordinator; technical leadership of the system control and software development; laboratory test facility construction and operation.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions
(Small/medium-sized enterprise, UK)
Responsible for configuring the local monitoring, communication and control system and integration with and control of the flow control device (in collaboration with Steinhardt); installation, trialling and refining the system at full scale; commercialisation.

Veolia Eau
(Water utility, France)
Will work on the development of the techniques required for the successful deployment of CENTAUR. Will carry out the full-scale testing of CENTAUR at a demonstration catchment and validate its overall performance.

Universidade de Coimbra
(University, Portugal)
Technical leadership of the demonstration and implementation of CENTAUR; installation of CENTAUR system within pilot catchment, modelling and monitoring sewer network, development of installation protocol.

Aguas de Coimbra
(Water utility, Portugal)
Operator of the pilot catchment; supply of data; installation and maintenance of monitoring equipment and the test CENTAUR device in collaboration with EMS and UoC.

(Research Institute, Switzerland)
Investigation of optimal system configurations, resilience, impacts of data uncertainty and benefits of a functional pilot CENTAUR system.

(Small/medium-sized enterprise, Germany)
Design and fabrication of the flow control device, Steinhardt ElectroSlide®; working in the demonstration, implementation and commercialisation stages.

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