CETUK Laboratory Equipment


Multi-head high temperature calorimeter

 multi-head high temperature calorimeter 96 EVO/Calvet DC
  • Drop calorimetry or DSC to measure heat capacity, heat content, or heat of dissolution and formation
  • Automated sample charger for multiple successive drops
  • High temperature (up to 1500°C) measurements by [isothermal] drop calorimetry for accurate heat capacity, and heat content measurements
  • High temperature (up to 1600°C) measurements by heat flux DSC (temperature scanning conditions) for accurate heat capacity and heat of transitions measurements
  • Specification

Muffle/chamber RHF furnace and retort

Carbolite chamber furnace for modified atmosphere
  • 35 Litre capacity up to 1400°C or 1100°C with retort
  • Furnace is modified to allow it to be used with, and without, the retort
  • A105 Inconel Retort for heat treatment processes requiring a controlled inert or reactive atmosphere
  • Touchscreen temperature programmer
  • Specification

High temperature elevator/bottom loading furnace

Carbolite bottom loading furnace
  • Easy loading of samples and uniform heating up to 1600°C
  • Modified hearth for the introduction of gases into an inverted crucible
  • Vapour-gas delivery system to simulate combustion atmosphere (H2O/O2/CO2/N2)
  • Digital programmer with 24 programmable segments
  • Specification

NETZSCH STA 449 F3 Jupiter

NETZSCH STA 449 F3 Jupiter Thermal Analysis System
  • Allows the measurement of mass changes and thermal effects between -150°C and 1650°C.
  • Rhodium, Silicon Carbide, and Steel furnaces allowing TGA, TGA-DTA, and TGA-DSC measurements including heat capacity measurements
  • Cryogenic cooler (liquid nitrogen)
  • Capabilities for TG under high vacuum. Alumina Knudsen cell sets with lids are also available
  • Specification

Planetary Ball Mill PM100

Retsch Planetary Ball Mill
  • Both wet (leak free) and dry grinding/milling down to nano range
  • Stainless steel grinding jars: 500 ml, 125 ml, 50 ml, 25 ml, and 12 ml
  • No disturbing oscillations and does not move over the laboratory bench
  • Specification

Hydraulic pellet Press (link)

Specac hydraulic pellet press
  • Manual 15 Ton press
  • Evacuable die allows production of dry sample pellets
  • Specification