Astrochemistry for all

Annual Meeting of the Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the RSC/RAS

Monday, 15th Jan 2018 & Tuesday, 16th Jan 2018 

The Astrophysical Chemistry Group is pleased to announce that its Annual Meeting will be held at the Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield on 15-16 January 2018. The meeting, on the topic of ‘Astrochemistry for all’, will also incorporate the Annual General Meeting of the ApChem Group which will be held at 5pm on Monday 15 January.

The completion of the ALMA interferometer, the availability of high-resolution infrared and optical spectrographs on 8m telescopes, the cutting edge capabilities of e-MERLIN, the recent Rosetta mission to Comet 67/P CG, not to mention the upcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope have revolutionised or will revolutionise our ability to study interstellar chemistry in detail that was not possible before. We can now study the chemical composition of, for example, moons in the outer Solar System, protoplanetary disks, and dust-forming zones of evolved stars and look for commonalities and differences between Solar System and interstellar chemistries in detail that was not possible before.

This meeting will focus on the synergy between lab, modelling and observational communities and is entitled “Astrochemistry for all.” Therefore, we, in particular, want to encourage talks on how lab and modelling communities can work with the observational community more effectively.

Invited Speakers

Dr. Melissa McClure, University of Amsterdam

Dr. Albert Rimola, University of Barcelona

Dr. Nick Walker, University of Newcastle

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(Payment on the day is possible; Contact Anthony Meijer to register in that case)

Provisional Programme 15 Jan 2018

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
10:00 COFFEE
10:25 Introduction/Welcome
Chair: Nigel Mason
10:30-11:30 Albert Rimola Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Surface-Induced Chemical Evolution in Space. Perspectives from Quantum Chemical Calculations!
11:30-12:00 Jordy Bouwman University of Leiden, NL Probing the dissociation of interstellar polyaromatic hydrocarbons
12:00-12:30 Dwayne Heard University of Leeds Low temperature kinetics of COMs of astrochemical interest
12:30 LUNCH
Chair: Alessandra Candian
13:30-14:00 Maire Gorman University of Aberystwyth Generation of molecular line lists: involving A-level & undergraduate students in research
14:00-14:30 David Quenard Queen Mary University London Chemistry of formamide and methyl isocyanate in the interstellar medium
14:30-15:00 David Benoit University of Hull Aromatic molecules on ice: adsorbed, not stirred!
Chair: Izaskun Jimenez-Serra
15:30-16:30 Melissa McClure University of Amsterdam, NL The Ice Age early release science program: community astrochemistry in the era of JWST
16:30-17:00 Guiliana Cosentino University College London Widespread SiO and CH3OH Emission in Filamentary Infrared-Dark Clouds
17:00 AGM

Provisional Programme 16 Jan 2018

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
10:00 COFFEE
10:25 Introduction/Welcome
Chair: Peter Sarre
10:30-11:30 Nick Walker University of Newcastle A Perspective on Chemistry in Transient Plasma from Broadband Rotational Spectroscopy
11:30-12:00 James Stubbing University of Sussex Reflection Absorption Ultraviolet/Visible Spectroscopy for Determining Optical Parameters of Astrochemical Ices
12:00-12:30 Emily Slate University of Sheffield Methyl Formate and Methanol in the ISM
12:30 LUNCH
Chair: Sergio Ioppolo
13:30-14:00 Alessandra Candian University of Leiden, NL Dissociative Photoionisation of Adamantane
14:00-14:30 Shaoshan Zeng Queen Mary University London Chemical complexity in the Galactic Centre GMCs: The nitrogen-bearing family
14:30-15:00 Anita Dawes Open University Laboratory ice spectroscopy: benzene in ice and levitated icy soot


The conference will take place in Lecture Theatre 1 of the Dainton Building, University of Sheffield - See here for Travel Details.


The registration fee includes coffee and tea and lunch. Overnight accommodation is available at a number of hotels and guest houses within 15 minutes walk of the Dainton Building. We will be happy to provide a list of appropriate places with approximate prices, but participants who need overnight accommodation are asked to make their own arrangements in good time. Please contact Anthony Meijer at


Participants arriving by train at Sheffield Midland Station should catch the tram from the rear of the station. Trams heading for Malin Bridge (blue route) run via the University approximately every 10 minutes. For the return journey take the tram travelling to Halfway (blue route). 

Parking in the University area can be difficult, so if you are planning to travel by car, we recommend that you use the Park & Ride facilities. Further details may be found at: We regret that no permits can be issued for University car parks.


Please register here, if you want to come both days. If you want to pay on the day, please register by sending an email to Anthony Meijer at (Please register before 8 Jan 2018).

Registrations will be acknowledged to confirm a place at the meeting.