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The Department of Chemistry is one of the largest departments in the University. Our international reputation for research is shown in the Research Excellence Framework 2014, which rated 98% of our research as world-class or internationally excellent.

Much of our research has been featured on the front covers of top international research journals. Our four interdisciplinary research clusters include excellence in all of the familiar branches of chemistry but organised in a way which suits our particular strengths, providing the foundations for a substantial and varied portfolio of research grants, an interface with industry, and collaborations with other departments in the university.

Chemical Biology

Biological Chemistry ClusterOur research in Chemical Biology is aimed at understanding at the molecular level the fundamental chemical issues of structure, recognition, reactivity and catalysis which govern biological processes from genetic information storage to enzyme catalysis.

Chemical Biology Cluster

Polymers, Materials, and Surface Chemistry

Materials ClusterWe have internationally-renowned expertise in polymer science, materials chemistry and nano-scale surface engineering, with applications ranging from tissue engineering to molecular electronics.

Polymers, Materials, and Surfaces Cluster

Spectroscopy and Theoretical Chemistry

Spectroscopy and Theory ClusterTheory and spectroscopy research is aimed at measuring and understanding the properties of molecules and materials, and includes the computational study of chemical reactions and fundamental aspects of aromaticity, and a range of laser spectroscopy techniques to study structure and excited state properties.

Theory & Spectroscopy Cluster

Synthetic Chemistry

Synthesis ClusterSynthesis underpins all of chemistry and research in the synthesis cluster includes new organic methodology, crystal engineering, organometallic and supramolecular chemistry, and the study of properties and applications of the new compounds.

Synthesis Cluster