EPSRC Fellowship for Prof Steve Armes, FRS

The Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) has just awarded a prestigious £1.67 million Established Career Fellowship in the field of Particle Technology to Prof. Steve Armes, FRS. Steve has spent his entire career working on the design of nanoparticles comprising long-chain molecules called polymers. Such nanoparticles can be as small as 25 nm (or 250 atoms) in diameter and have a wide range of applications, ranging from the long-term storage of human stem cells to emulsion stabilisers to ultra-low viscosity engine oils.

electron microscopy image Polymer formation cartoon Polymer electron microscopy

Over the past eight years, Steve's research team has focused on developing a technique known as polymerisation-induced self-assembly (PISA), which provides a powerful and versatile platform technology for the rational design of nanoparticles of controllable size, shape and surface chemistry. Steve’s research programme involves fruitful collaborations with a wide range of chemical companies, including Lubrizol, Scott Bader, Syngenta, AkzoNobel, Ashland, DSM, BASF and GEO Speciality Chemicals. His Fellowship will enable him to focus on his PISA studies for the next four years by funding part of his salary, four experienced post-doctoral scientists and also various public outreach activities.