Royal Society grant for Ben Partridge

Dr Ben Partridge has recently been awarded a Royal Society Research Grant for the development of new organoboron building blocks for organic synthesis.

Propargylic boronic esters are high value building blocks

The aim of the project is to develop new chemical methods to prepare propargylic boronic esters. This class of organoboron reagent have much potential as chemical building blocks, but are currently hard to make. To overcome this, the power of boron will be combined with catalysis. By tuning the properties of the catalyst, the project aims to control where the boron is introduced with high accuracy.

Access to new organoboron reagents will make it easier for chemists to prepare complex molecules. This is particularly important when designing new medicinal drugs. Greater complexity in molecular structure means that the drugs can be made to target diseases more precisely, leading to lower toxicity and fewer side effects.