2018 Symposium on Chemical Biology: New Horizons

Wordle from Chemical Biology symposiumOn 28 March 2018 the department welcomed staff and students from across the university for a symposium on “Chemical Biology: New Horizons”. The symposium, organised by Dr L David Finger, included talks from the Chemical Biology Research Cluster. These presentations represented the main research themes in Chemical Biology of understanding biological mechanisms (Dr Tim Craggs), chemical probes and tools to understand biological systems (Dr David Williams), creation of new biological systems and functional molecules (Dr Barbara Ciani) and intervention in biological systems exploiting synthetic chemistry (Professor Joe Harrity). We were visited by staff from Engineering and Medicine as well as the biology departments APS, BMS and MBB who updated us on current research themes in their areas including existing joint projects with Chemical Biology. The Department has one of the strongest research efforts at the Chemistry-Biology interface in the UK. Professor Grasby, Head of the Chemical Biology Research Cluster, commented: “It was great to celebrate the excellent and ground breaking work going on within the department and further afield and to explore the possibility of new collaborations and interactions across the university.”