Barbara Ciani Edits Special Edition of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

PCCP Front CoverDr Barbara Ciani recently edited a Special Edition of PCCP entitled “Chemical compartmentalisation by membranes: from biological mechanism to biomimetic applications” devoted to the chemical biology of membrane and membrane-like structures. Co-edited by Dr Paul Beales from the University of Leeds, the edition contains articles form 56 leading researchers in the area.

In the themed collection Dr Ciani and Dr Alexa Cleasby from the University of Sheffield look forward towards the potential to construct functional compartmentalised architectures for the engineering of synthetic cells. An article by Dr Sarah Staniland and Jennifer Bain, also from Sheffield, reviews work on a biological nanoreactor to make nanomedical metallic-based nanoparticles. Collectively the articles illustrate that understanding biophysical mechanisms and biomembrane engineering are essential for realisation of the potential of membrane-bound compartments.

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