Presentation Prize for Brammer Group student

Poster Prize LB Student 2016Feifan Lang was awarded the Chemical Crystallography Group Poster Prize at the recent British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting in Nottingham for his presentation entitled “Structure determination and solid-state transformations of flexible coordination polymers.”

Feifan is an MPhil student, who began his project in October 2015 in the Brammer group having completed a BSc in Pharmaceutical Science from IIT Dublin as part of the joint IIT-NJUT degree programme. His project involves the synthesis and investigations of a family of crystalline coordination polymers that have the capacity to capture and/or release small molecules whilst retaining their crystallinity. The chemical and structural transformations involved are studied by in situ measurements, particularly using powder X-ray diffraction. The work is exemplified by publications in recent years in Angewandte Chemie, Chemical Science, Chemistry - A European Journal and IUCrJ.