Literary Award for Glassblower Dan Jackson

Dan JacksonDan Jackson, the department of chemistry’s resident glass blower, attended the BSSG, British Society of Scientific Glassblowers, symposium held on the 8th-9th of September, receiving a literacy award and demonstrating the construction of a Klein Bottle.

The BSSG was founded for the benefit of scientific glassblowers to allow for the demonstration and sharing of knowledge. Welcoming all with an interest in glassblowing, the society regularly meets

Glassblowing is a profession that can easily be considered an art. Classified by the world heritage as an endangered profession, the symposium brings together glassblowers from across the country. With around 100 institutional glassblowers remaining in the UK, Dan provides support to the department through the construction of glassware for use either in laboratories, or more bespoke unique items, such as the Klein bottle or champagne flutes.

A Klein bottle constructed by Dan Jackson, the resident glassblowerAt the symposium, Dan demonstrated the construction of a Klein bottle, shown in the photo. This is a three dimensional model of a mobius strip and represents a model of infinity. From the photograph, it is possible to traverse, in one direction, the outside of the bottle and move back to the point of origin on the inside of the bottle.

Dan demonstrated the construction of one such bottles which uses several complicated methods of glass blowing using a variety of different seals of the individual sections of glass.

At the symposium, Dan also received a literary prize, the second he has been awarded, for an article he wrote about the Murano Glass Museum in Venice.