Dr Elizabeth Edwards (née Baggaley) has left the department.

Research and teaching associate Dr Elizabeth Edwards (née Baggaley) has taken voluntary redundancy following Prof. Mike Ward moving to become Head of Department at the University of Warwick.

Liz BaggaleyLiz completed her undergraduate MChem with a year in industry at GSK here in Sheffield in 2008 before obtaining her PhD in inorganic chemistry and bio-imaging in 2012, supervised by Prof. Julia Weinstein, working on platinum complexes for cellular imaging. She then worked for Prof. John Haycock, in the Materials Science and Engineering department, and Prof. Julia Weinstein for a year postdoc before moving to Prof. Mike Ward’s research group.

While in this group, Liz worked on both strands of Mike’s research, beginning with work into coordination cages, before moving onto the energy transfer, luminescence research area. Liz brought her expertise to the role with her background in cell imaging, by investigating luminescence properties when molecules are put into cells.

When Mike became Head of Department in 2015, Liz took on a larger managerial role in his research group, managing level 4 project students as well as performing more teaching roles, such as tutorials; lab demonstrating; 3rd year project supervising; skills for success projects and lecturing in Chemistry in the World Around Us.

Liz designed her own lecture course on “The Chemistry behind things that Glow” as part of the first-year undergraduate course of Chemistry in the World Around Us. This course delivered a brief background of the history of photochemistry and luminescence, and covered the three principal areas of luminescence, photo- bio- and chemi-luminescence.

Throughout her time at the university Liz has had a prestigious academic career. In her first year, Liz was awarded the Wharton Prize (awarded to the best student taking first year examinations in chemistry) followed by receiving the Haworth Medal (awarded to the best student taking the final MChem examination). In addition, Liz has also received awards for best oral presentations and poster presentations. More recently, she has completed a teaching qualification, known as CiLT (Certificate in Learning and Teaching), which recognises teaching in higher education.

Liz was also instrumental in the establishment of the CRS (Chemical Researchers Society) in 2013, which is now a well-established postgraduate and postdoctoral committee offering networking mornings, careers events and seminars.

On behalf of everyone at the university and the chemistry department, we wish Liz every success with her future career.

Written By:
Joe Clarke

With thanks to Dr Elizabeth Edwards