Simon Jones involved with two new major grants for the University of Sheffield

Fluorescently labelled StaphTwo substantial collaborative grants have recently been awarded to Sheffield to help understand the increasing problem of antimicrobial resistance and pave the way for the development of new antibacterial therapies. Dr Simon Jones, a Reader in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the Department, has been a co-applicant on both of these, providing the essential synthetic chemistry knowledge to develop new biological probes and lead molecules.

The first of these grants, SHAMROK, an award of just over £500,000, is led by Professor Jamie Hobbs in Physics, and aims to develop new collaborative research opportunities across the University within our internationally leading IMAGINE:Imaging Life and Florey Institutes. The second grant of £3.19 million goes to the SWaN alliance, a multi-partner collaboration between the Universities of Sheffield, Newcastle and Oxford, led by the University of Warwick, that aims to investigate fundamental processes by which bacteria construct their cell walls, a major target for most existing therapies.

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