Poster Prize for Dian Li (Nick Williams group)

Dr Dian Li, postgraduate researcher in Prof. Nick Williams research group has won a prize for the best poster at an international conference held in Durham.

The conference, European Symposium on Organic Reactivity, was held on 3-8 September 2017 and aims to cover all areas of physical organic chemistry including mechanism, structure and binding in organic systems, from theoretical and experimental approaches.

Dian presented research entitled: ‘The solvolysis mechanism of simple tertiary substrates in 50% TFE'. The research provided some experimental analysis of the tertiary cation formed through a conventional SN1 mechanism. Dian studied the lifetimes of these mechanisms in 50% TFE solvent, an example of which is shown in the reaction mechanism below. The aim of this work was to address the importance of solvent to the lifetime of an intermediate, refining the fundamental solvolysis reaction mechanism.

The mechanism from Dian Li's poster

About winning the award Dian said:
"It was a great conference with lots of excellent talks, from synthetic to theoretical aspects. It is a pleasure that my work was recognized and appreciated, which provided a motivation for my postdoc research in the US."

Congratulations are extended to Dian for this fantastic achievement.