Lee Brammer new president BCA

Lee BrammerCrystallography is an important technique in the arsenal of a synthetic chemist. The main body representing its interests is the British Crystallography Association. Lee Brammer was recently elected to a 3-year term as its president.

The British Crystallographic Association (BCA) was established in 1982, and unified the diverse interests represented by crystallography for the first time on the UK. The BCA has a membership of over 700 scientists in academia and industry and spans science across the fields of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, and Mathematics. The field of crystallography recently celebrated its centenary, and was marked by designation of the International year of Crystallography (IYCr) by the United Nations in 2014. Crystallography in the UK has made a strong scientific contribution internationally over this period and includes many pioneers including father and son W. H. and W. L. Bragg, Maurice Wilkins, Max Perutz, Dorothy Hodgkin, John Kendrew & Aaron Klug, all winners of the Nobel Prize. Indeed crystallography as a field has contributed to close to 30 Nobel Prizes (in Chemistry, Physics and Medicine).

The BCA holds an annual 4-day meeting each Spring, as well as 1-day meetings in chemical, physical, biological and industrial crystallography in autumn/winter. The organisation is active in outreach activities and also represents the interests of the UK within the international body, the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr).