Undergraduates on successful recruitment trip to Nanjing

Photograph China TripRecently three UG students from the department (Kanika Khurana, Sara Atkinson, and  Catherine Dirks) were part of a team of six Sheffield UG students who went to Nanjing to represent the Faculty of Science at recruitment fairs to help recruit students on to our joint Sheffield / NJT degree programmes. Their efforts were very successful as all three joint degrees (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) recuited the maximum target of 60 students.

Sara told us: " I thoroughly enjoyed my time in China and we were treated incredibly well by all the staff and students we were in contact with. Whilst at Nanjing Tech we were very kindly shown around many of the science departments including Chemistry, Materials and the Institute of Advanced Materials. During these tours we were given a chance to visit the laboratories and talk with students there about their current research. We also took part in group meetings where we could speak with Masters students and discuss our final year research, their current research and more general differences about university life in England and China. We were also shown around the Jiangpu campus by first year students on the joint Chemistry degree. Whilst at Jiangpu campus, we met with all the students currently on the Chemistry and Financial Maths programs and presented some information about Sheffield to them and answered specific questions they had about life at Sheffield, typically accommodation and flight queries. ...

In our spare time we managed to see much of Nanjing including a couple of museums, the purple mountain, the city wall, the presidential palace and Confucius Temple area. We were also incredibly lucky to get to visit Shanghai for the day and Beijing for two days where we saw the Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China."

Catherine added to this: "Kanika and I went to several recruitment events together. Firstly, we went to one in Nanjing with Prof. Chen, and one in Sujou with Prof. Xue. Both were really busy. The parents are heavily involved with the decision of choosing a university, but generally did not speak English, so we mainly chatted to the students. ... Kanika and I also went to a middle school to do some recruiting. Before we came back we got the chance to travel to Beijing, doing some sightseeing and also getting to see the Great Wall. Going to China was a fantastic experience, thank you!"