Spring 2017 issue of Resonance out now!

The sixth issue of Resonance is now available and can be downloaded here (pdf, 3 MB) or viewed below.

The cover for the sixth issue of Resonance.The focus of this issue is on Supramolecular chemistry. The 2016 Nobel-Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Jean-Pierre Sauvage,  Ben Feringa, and Sir Fraser Stoddart, who used to be a lecturer in the department. The research behind the accolade and the legacy of researching supramolecular chemistry in Prof. Thomas' and Prof. Ward's research groups is detailed. Sir Stoddart is also the focus of the new segment on Famous Alumni of the department.

This issue also features the first of a two-part special focusing on the history of the department. The history of the Dainton building and its construction are the main focus of this part. Featured articles also highlight the science behind the instrumentation on board the Mars rover Curiosity as well as the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. Recent guest lectures are also discussed. The first lecture, headlined by Prof. Chick Wilson, discussed the changing face of chemical research, and the second lecture, headlined by Prof. Brad Gibson, discussed the plausibility of extra-terrestrial life.

New members of academic staff were interviewed to understand their motives for joining the department and what research they are interested in. In Nanjing news, one of the students on the 3+1 joint degree detailed her experiences living in Sheffield. The element of focus in the Elemental Factfile section this issue is Iron.

Further information

Resonance is a biannual magazine produced by students. Beginning back in 2013, there have been five previous issues which can be viewed in full or downloaded on our website. This is the first issue under the editorial direction of Beth Crowston. If you are interested in the next issue, scheduled for release in autumn 2017, email the team at chem-news@sheffield.ac.uk.