New issue for Resonance

Resonance 3 bigThe third issue of Resonance, the department's semiannual newsletter, was recently released. This latest issue contained a broad selection of articles, ranging from departmental news to the Nobel Prize in chemistry which was awarded last summer.

Local news saw publication success for both Dr. Sarah Staniland and Prof. Steve Armes and also welcomed Dr. Seb Spain to the department. Outreach in the Faculty of Science with respect to the schools lab was celebrated as an important way of widening participation, public engagement and demonstration of research impact. The team also interviewed Prof. Mike Ward and discussed his appointment as Head of Department and learnt that he is a keen photographer! The department's link with the Nanjing Tech University was also explored and some of the visiting students from Nanjing were interviewed about the comparison of Sheffield to their home.

Further afield, the Nobel Prize for the Development of Super-Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy was discussed and its benefits for science as a whole explained. A short history of the development of the periodic table of elements was explored with an in-depth look at Mercury. One article looked at how accidental discoveries have shaped the history of science. Finally, both the techniques of spectroscopy in space and expansion microscopy were discussed.