Human Stem Cell Storage Hydrogels Win RSC Prize

Nick WarrenDr. Nicholas (Nick) Warren, a long-standing member of the Armes Group, recently won third prize in the RSC Emerging Technologies competition in the Health and Well-being category. The prize was awarded for his work on Biocompatible Hydrogels for stem cell storage. This work, reported recently in ACS Central Science, showed that mimicking a natural process called diapause can halt stem cells, effectively putting them to sleep for up to two weeks (For more details on this work, please see here). The advantage of this new technique is that it makes it easier to transport stem cells, since it means that the transport no longer requires liquid nitrogen.

The winners of the prizes were selected after a pitch of the research in front of a live audience, at Chemistry Means Business on 15 June 2016. The prize was presented at an awards ceremony in London on 16 June 2016.