Support Staff Retirement

Friday the 31st of March saw two long serving members of support staff retire from the university. Harry Adams, who worked as the X-ray Crystallographer, and Elaine Fisher, who worked as the postgraduate recruitment administrator, both joined the department in the 1970's and have brought a combined 91 years of service to the department.

Over the years both have seen a considerable change to the face of the department and told of their plans for retirement.

Harry AdamsElaine FisherMr Harry Adams described the chemistry department as feeling like home and said that after retiring he was hoping to spending time living abroad in France before touring Spain and Portugal. He described his fond memories of inspiring future X-ray crystallographers who have graduated and moved to other institutions as well as those students who graduated.

Ms Elaine Fisher joined the department in 1970 and described how changing technology changed the way she tackled her day-to-day activities. Elaine also described her memories of graduating students who have passed through the department during her time including Dr Helen Sharman and Prof. Vernon Gibson, both of who studied at the university. Elaine said her plans for retirement included traveling, relaxing with family and doing the “rainy days” jobs.

On behalf of everyone at the university we wish Harry and Elaine well with all their plans for the future.

Written By:
Joe Clarke

With thanks to Harry Adams and Elaine Fisher for their time answering questions.