The Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

The Vigin Pulse Global Challenge returns this month, starting on May 24th, with seven members of staff in the chemistry department participating.

Group photo of the Chemistry Virgin Pulse challenge teamThe chemistry team, called “Up and Atom Step Challenge”, consists of Denise Richards as team leader, Seb Spain, Rob Dawson, Rachel Smith, Dan Jackson, Steven Atkin and Michelle Bates.

The challenge involves 100 days of monitored physical activity as well as introducing healthy beneficial lifestyle changes such as nutritional information, monitoring stress levels and sleep patterns.

The goal is to encourage physical and psychological change in employees by setting goals for each team member to achieve. The global challenge starts with a 100 day virtual journey around the world, virtually travelling from the golden gate bridge in San Francisco.

Each team member is equipped with an accelerometer which they use to track their daily activity. Among the data, each member tracks the number of steps working towards the goal of walking at least 10’000 steps a day. Additional challenges also help reinforce healthy habits.

Monthly updates will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages on their progress virtually walking around the world.

Written By:
Joe Clarke

With thanks and contributions from Denise Richards