Zoe Smallwood wins Presentation Prize

Zoe Smallwood, postgraduate researcher in Dr Peter Portius’ research group, has won the Fluorochem Prize for best Oral Presentation at the Chemistry: The Science Around Us symposium.

“Chemistry: The Science Around Us” was a one-day symposium held at the University of Leeds on 4th September 2017 and invited PhD students to deliver presentations and show posters about their research. This student-run symposium follows from the success of the 2016 event organised and held here in Sheffield.

With an aim for the dissemination of scientific research, the symposium focused on interesting and interdisciplinary research and offering networking and collaboration opportunities for young academics. Further information on the event can be found through their website.

Zoe Smallwood (far left) with the other prize winners from the Chemistry: The Science Around Us symposiumZoe Smallwood was one of ten presenters, which included two invited speakers, and also presented a poster on her work. Zoe’s talk entitled:
“Nitrogen-rich coordination compounds: towards ‘smokeless’ energetic materials.”
provided an introduction into the field and discussed contributions from both Zoe and the other researchers within the Portius research group. The talk focused on pyrotechnics, in particular why the production of smoke is detrimental in these energetic materials. This requires the inclusion of toxic oxidisers to reduce the amount of smoke formed, or a larger amount of harmful colourants to show through the smoke in the air.

Zoe said: “It was a really great day and a fantastic conference. I really enjoyed that there were so many diverse topics of chemistry on show. I was really surprised to win and it was great to receive this recognition of the work that I have done and the overall work from the group.

Zoe’s prize included a £40 Amazon voucher, £50 worth of vouchers from sponsor flourochem for chemicals as well as various merchandise from the sponsors.

We would like to express our congratulations to Zoe on her achievement.

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Courtesy of the Learned Society Fund, researchers who are awarded prizes at conferences can have the full cost of the conference refunded to their account by the department.