I strengthened my basic knowledge of chemistry and learned more about the areas I am interested in

Hanqing Zhou
Hanqing Zhou
Masters student
Chemistry MSc
Hanqing came to Sheffield and found a city that is well suited to Chinese students, and course that helped her develop her practical skills in chemistry.

I came to Sheffield in 2018 to undertake my studies at the University of Sheffield. It was the final year of a collaborative undergraduate degree between Sheffield and Nanjing Tech University.

Chemistry is considered a better major in Sheffield, and since I was familiar with the teachers, the course and the city, I continued to read for my master's degree in Sheffield.

Sheffield is has a relatively large Chinese population. It is very convenient because it has many Chinese supermarkets and restaurants.

What I like most about the course is the laboratory class. I can do some experiments by myself, and I can discuss with my classmates and teachers at any time. I was able to strengthen my basic knowledge of chemistry and learn more about the areas I am interested in such as analysis and organic synthesis.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was not able to conduct experiments, so I did a literature research on my research project and proposed new directions for solving problems and experimental design.


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