I found it exciting being able to design my own experiments and analyse results

Graduating student
Alana Barlow
PhD student, University of Sheffield
MSc(Res) Chemistry
Alana studied MSc (Research) Chemistry at University of Sheffield, before commencing her PhD here too.

The taught modules alongside my research project fed into my project and helped to strengthen my knowledge of my results. The synergy of both elements was very valuable - the taught courses helped me to figure out which areas of chemistry I found most exciting, whereas my research project showed how exciting it can be to design experiments and analyse results.

Doing my MSc (Research) course gave me a taste of the life of a PhD student and I also interacted with a lot of the current PhD students at that time and saw their enjoyment in their work. I recognised that it would be fruitful and fulfilling for me to continue researching and wanted to be able to do this in a more independent way, which was offered by this particular career route. I also developed transferable skills such as resilience, timekeeping and organisation which are very valuable in my PhD.

I was aware of the different skills needed by PhD students as I had a taste of the experience in my MSc (Research) course, and I had core subject knowledge which I was able to show in my PhD interview.

Alana Barlow

MSc(Res) Chemistry

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