The support of the teaching staff has enabled me to succeed

Zeyu Lin
Zeyu Lin
Masters student
Chemistry BSc; Drug Discovery Science MSc
Zeyu Lin did his undergraduate degree in chemistry at Sheffield, then started on our Drug Discovery Science MSc to train for a role in the pharmaceutical industry.

What did you enjoy most about your Chemistry BSc? 

At school, the subject that interested me the most was chemistry, which is why I chose to study the subject at university. Chemistry is a challenging field, but it is also very interesting. I thoroughly enjoy the process of learning new content and having the opportunity to apply my knowledge.

How has your degree helped you in your career? 

I am currently studying the MSc in Drug Discovery Science at Sheffield. The foundation of chemistry knowledge I developed as an undergraduate has been extremely helpful preparation for the masters.

What scientific skills did you develop during your undergraduate course? 

The most important skills I have developed during the course are practical laboratory skills. Experiments are the key to advancing knowledge in chemistry, which means that robust lab skills are essential for all chemists. The lab experience I gained during my undergraduate degree taught me many skills that I now utilise in my MSc research project. My current project investigating drug compound synthesis involves many complicated reactions, which require specific conditions. The knowledge I gained as an undergraduate has really helped me with understanding these reactions. 

What would you say to a prospective student considering studying BSc Chemistry at Sheffield? 

You may find that chemistry at undergraduate level is more difficult than in secondary school. Don't worry though! I found that, if you put the work in, your grades will reflect hard work. 

Now that you're taking the Drug Discovery Science MSc couse, what are you enjoying most about out.

I really like how varied the course is. Students aren’t restricted to a single area, which means students are able to dig deeper into topics that really interest them. Although I began the course with limited background knowledge in biology and pharmacology, which made the course challenging, the support of the teaching staff has enabled me to succeed on the course thus far. 

What do you plan to do next?

I hope to complete a PhD in Sheffield. I would love the opportunity to carry on with the project I have been working on during my MSc course. After that, I hope to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. 

What scientific skills have you developed through your masters course?

The most important scientific skill I have learnt is computer modelling. Designing drugs requires researchers to know the structures of target molecules including proteins and DNA. Computer-assisted modelling, which I have practiced a lot during this course, allows researchers to make these truly amazing discoveries. 

What would you say to a prospective student who is considering studying Drug Discovery Science?

I started the course as a BSc chemistry graduate, which meant that I had a lot to learn about some topics. For students who haven’t studied Biomedical Science previously, the first term can be challenging, but the academic staff within the Biomedical Science department are extremely supportive. With that in mind, you also have the opportunity to select a research project related to chemistry.

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