Bryony Parker

Bryony ParkerDegree: MSc Chemistry

Bryony did one of our undergraduate courses, and decided to stay with us for her masters degree.

"I am currently studying at the University of Sheffield for an MSc in chemistry to further expand my future career options. I would like to continue being involved in modern science as it is an ever-growing, fascinating industry. I have enjoyed the smaller projects as part of the course, covering a range of different research fields. Writing a 30-page literature review was perfect for preparing me for my upcoming research project.

"I gained experience for studying this masters during my BSc degree, where the 'skills for success' module improved my scientific writing skills. In addition, I was publicist on the Sheffield University Performing Arts Society committee, allowing me to enhance my time management and communication skills by liaising with internal and external sources when ordering large quantities of publicity material and sourcing sponsorship to support the society. From performing in Sheffield, I feel confident in presenting updates on research and communicating with others as part of a large research group.

"I chose to study chemistry at Sheffield as the department offered a wide variety of material and the staff involved on the open day were friendly and approachable. The passion and enthusiasm they had for the course definitely came across which was important for deciding which university to study with. Sheffield is a beautiful city, with the peak district on its doorstep. The city encompasses many theatres, museums, shops and restaurants. It is a thriving, cultured and safe student city."