Bryony Parker

Bryony ParkerDegree: MSc Chemistry

Graduate role: Graduate Intern, The Society of Chemical Industry

Bryony worked with Professor Steve Armes on polymer science project during her masters course, which led to a publication in a Royal Society of Chemistry journal. She's now working at the interface of chemistry research and the chemical industry.

"I work for The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) as a graduate intern assisting in the acquisition of corporate partnerships in the chemistry-using industry. My role involves engagement with corporate partners and their involvement in SCI activities, such as our events and early career opportunities.

"I have had many opportunities since working here – for example, attending various events such as Voice of the Future 2019 where early career scientists have the opportunity to ask MPs questions on science and policy. I also administer the Society Publishers' Coalition and the Chemistry Council Innovation Committee which gives me exposure to the value of learned societies and the applications of research into industry, and their impact on society.

"SCI is a learned society that was established in 1881 by prominent scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs, many of whom went on to establish significant businesses of the last industrial revolution. Today SCI is a multi-science and multidisciplinary international community that acts as an innovation hub for industry.

"Activities cover knowledge translation, STEM skills, policy and strategy work and the promotion of innovation in industry. All activities are designed to accelerate the translation of chemistry and related science out of the lab into full scale commercial manufacture, for the benefit of society.

"Studying a masters has had a great impact on my abilities. I am not only more experienced in scientific writing, but I am able to apply non-technical skills that I have gained from my degree such as problem solving to my graduate role. Having done a research project at Sheffield, I also understand the academia-industry relationship which has been a great support in my new job.

"In my masters year, my research project was based around the Polymerisation-Induced Self-Assembly via Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain-Transfer of nano-spheres and their dispersion into mineral oil. I enjoyed the freedom of changing different variables such as the type of monomer and size of the spheres, allowing me to be creative with my project.

"I felt supported throughout my research and enjoyed working along-side other researchers in Professor Steve Armes' research group. My MSc has given me a boost in my Chemistry career and I know I will always be a part of the University of Sheffield chemistry department's network."