Edible Experiments: #Circus250

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of modern circus in the UK, Dr Joanna Buckley takes a closer look at six foods we commonly associate with the circus and fairground and delving into their chemistry.

Many thanks are owed to the wonderful people who work at the National Fairground and Circus Archive (NFCA), Sort Of Films and Festival of the Mind.

The NFCA is an archive dedicated to the collection and preservation of travelling popular entertainment, including fairground, circus, magic, sideshows, early film, menageries, pleasure gardens, amusement and theme parks, seaside entertainment and world’s fairs and expositions. The archive holds a large collection of books, journals, photographs, business records, posters, programmes, handbills, maps, plans early film and other audio-visual material. It is part of the University of Sheffield's western bank library and is open to the public. 

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About Dr Joanna Buckley

Aged seven, the gift of a chemistry set sparked Jo's interest. She completed every single experiment, charring the kitchen work surface with the spirit burner and staining the dining room carpet with indicator in the process.

Thankfully, her practical technique improved and she studied for a masters degree and PhD at the University of York, where her research focused on nanomaterials.

Always passionate about science communication, Jo now works for the Royal Society of Chemistry and is based at the University of Sheffield, helping to promote chemistry in the region. She writes and talks about science whenever she can to whoever will listen.

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