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Experience studying Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. We run hands-on and engaging activities to support learning in schools and colleges for students in years 12-13.

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Our laboratory classes introduce students to practical chemistry in a modern, well-equipped university laboratory environment.

Laboratory classes: Years 12-13

Our Kroto Schools Laboratory has just reopened. We are currently offering the synthesis of aspirin for A Level classes of up to 15 students.

Preparation of aspirin:

The organic synthesis of aspirin (2-ethanoylbenzenecarboxylic acid) will involve an esterification reaction by a reflux synthesis using quick fit apparatus and purification methods. Aspirin will be prepared by heating ethanoic anhydride with 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, separation using vacuum filtration and recrystallisation as a purification technique.

Please note:

Staff from the Department of Chemistry supervise, demonstrate and teach each experiment but we require two members of staff from the school (per group) to ensure adequate safety cover. All safety apparatus will be provided on the day e.g. lab coats, goggles and nitrile gloves. All visitors to the lab must wear closed toe shoes and trousers. An example risk assessment for this activity can be found here.

To view available dates and make a booking please complete this form. If you have any questions please get in touch

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