Tim CraggsDr Timothy D. Craggs

Lecturer in Biological Chemistry

Tel: +44-(0)114-22-29347

Fax: +44-(0)114-22-29346

email: t.craggs@sheffield.ac.uk


Biographical Sketch

Dr Tim Craggs obtained his MSci in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge in 2002. After his PhD (Cambridge 2007) and a postdoc in St Andrews, he took up a Lindemann Fellowship at Yale University (2010), followed by senior postdoc positions at Oxford (Kapanidis Lab) and Bristol (Dillingham Lab). In 2016 he was appointed to a Lectureship in Chemical Biology at the University of Sheffield.

Research Keywords

Single molecule Spectroscopy

Teaching Keywords

Biological Chemistry

Selected Publications:

Research Interests

Single-molecule approaches provide unprecedented detail to the understanding of essential biological processes, as was recognized in the awarding of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Their unique advantage stems from the ability to go beyond the ensemble- and time-averaging of common biochemical techniques, enabling the identification and interpretation of asynchronous reactions, transient states, and rare sub-species.


Research in the Craggs Lab involves the development and application of single-molecule fluorescence techniques to addressing crucial questions across physics, chemistry and the life sciences.

Recent work has focussed on the development and application of single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer (smFRET – a molecular ruler for the 30-90 Å scale) to questions of protein folding, and DNA transcription, replication and repair. These methods are capable of observing individual molecules and molecular interactions in real time, and understanding their dynamics.

In addition to this mechanistic work, we have shown we can use smFRET to measure absolute distances with angstrom accuracy, opening the door to FRET driven structural biology.

Teaching Section

Organic Chemistry

Postgraduate Courses Taught

  • Biopolymers and Biomaterials

Tutorial & Workshop Support

  • First Year General Tutorials.
  • Second Year Organic Chemistry Tutorials.
  • Third Year Literature Review.

Laboratory Teaching

  • Third Year Advanced Organic Chemistry
  • Fourth Year Research Project

Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers

  • Fisher GLM, Bateman BC, Craggs TD & Dillingham MS (2018) The Conformational Landscape of SMC: A FRET Study. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, Vol. 114(3) (pp 209A-209A) RIS download Bibtex download
  • Craggs TD, Sustarsic M, Mosayebi M, Kaju H, Hohlbein J, Biggin PC, Doye JPK & Kapanidis AN (2016) How Structure-Specific DNA-Binding Proteins Recognise their Substrates. Biophysical Journal, Vol. 110(3) (pp 514a-515a) RIS download Bibtex download
  • Craggs TD, Sustarsic M, Hohlbein J, Cuthbert A, Taylor N, Evans G & Kapanidis AN (2014) A Novel FRET-Based Structure of DNA Polymerase Complexed with Kinked Gapped-DNA. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, Vol. 106(2) (pp 273A-273A) RIS download Bibtex download
  • Orte A, Craggs TD, White SS, Jackson SE & Klenerman D (2007) YFP unfolding kinetics studied in a single-molecule nano-flow cell. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL (pp 660A-660A) RIS download Bibtex download