Dr Martyn S. McLaggan

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

Lecturer in Low Carbon Design

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Dr Martyn S. McLaggan
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Room E111
Sir Frederick Mappin Building (Broad Lane Building)
Mappin Street
S1 3JD

The aim of my research is to safely reduce carbon emissions in the built environment. My focus is on quantifying the fire risk of low carbon materials, such as timber and facades, so that they can be used safely and confidently.

Dr Martyn S. McLaggan

Martyn McLaggan (he/him) graduated with a MEng in Architectural Engineering from the University of Strathclyde and subsequently attained his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in Fire Safety Engineering. His work investigated how to balance the potential energy savings of modern low carbon building materials with their inherent fire risk.

He spent two years as a research consultant and postdoctoral fellow in a position joint between Denmark and Sweden, focused on façades and how to apply research to industry.

The Grenfell Tower fire demonstrated the huge lack of understanding in the area of façade fires. As a result, Martyn worked on an audit of flammable cladding while a research fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia. As part of a state-wide project, he directed a team of researchers to develop the Cladding Materials Library, an open access material database containing quantitative data needed by practitioners and researchers.

Martyn joined the department as Lecturer in Low Carbon Design in 2021. His work is heavily interdisciplinary and combines sustainability, fire safety, structures and architecture to facilitate the design of safe sustainable structures.

His interests primarily lie in enabling the usage of novel and renewable low carbon building materials, such as timber and other natural materials, advanced composites and phase change materials.

This research works towards answering the difficult question of how to effectively address the climate and biodiversity emergency whilst still maintaining an adequate level of safety in the built environment.

Research interests
  • Low carbon materials
  • Timber and natural materials e.g. CLT, hemp, bamboo, cork
  • Energy efficiency
  • Balancing sustainability and fire safety
  • Advanced composite building products
  • Reducing embodied carbon
  • Facades
  • Fire exposures for modern compartments
  • Upward flame spread
  • Bespoke experiments to generate quantified data
  • Development of simplified numerical models

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Research group

Fire; Steel and composite structures; Resources, Infrastructure Systems and built Environmental Discipline


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Research Group Members/PhD Opportunities

Research group members: Julian Mendez (University of Queensland, Australia), PhD candidate, External fire spread risk in tall building design.

PhD opportunities: If you're interested in a PhD project, please contact Martyn at the above email. Current PhD opportunities in the department can be viewed here.