Mr Richard Harpin

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

Senior University Teacher

CIV Richard Harpin
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Mr Richard Harpin
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Room F127
Sir Frederick Mappin Building (Broad Lane Building)
Mappin Street
S1 3JD

I want my student to appreciate both structural art and the facilitation of great architecture.

Richard Harpin teaches structural design; the link between fundamental theory and applying practical design to structures.

He aims to formalise design concepts by applying theory and using a numerical approach to see if things will work in practice. His structural appraisal teaching enables students to develop and refine an intuitive understanding of how structures work.

By combining hand calculations and numerical modelling, he ensures students can use basic maths to develop a fundamental understanding, and then apply that understanding to the use of software.

Richard teaches engineering and architecture students how to engineer architectural designs, and architecture students the basics of structural design.

He aims to produce engineers who will help create a better built environment with better use of resources, who will consider sustainability, economics, have an appreciation of aesthetics, and a knowledge of how engineering will relate to that.

Richard joined the Department in 2014 from Nottingham Trent University where he spent three years as a Lecturer in Structural Engineering and Architecture.

Prior to this he worked at Arup as a structural engineer for 17 years. For the last six years he was based in the Sheffield branch where he specialised in the design and delivery of projects in the education and community sector.

Before this he was based in the London branch working on projects in the arts and the commercial sector. He has also spent time working overseas as a resident engineer on a village school in Tanzania and a mass transit system in Bangkok.

Teaching activities
  • Course tutor for Structural Engineering and Architecture course
  • Course tutor for Architectural Engineering course
  • Tutor for CIV1200 (Introduction to Civil and Structural Engineering Design)
  • Tutor for CIV1900 (Engineering Skills)
  • Tutor for CIV2200 Semester 1 (Structural Design and Appraisal)
  • Tutor for Y2 Engineering You're Hired! project
  • SMR for CIV321 (Multi-Storey Building Design)
  • Tutor for CIV3201 / IDP Part 1
  • Tutor for CIV3203 / IDP Part 2
  • Tutor for CIV3204 / IDP Part 4
  • Tutor for CIV406 (Advanced Structural Design)
  • Lecturer/Tutor for ARC327 (Environment and Technology 5)
  • Supervision of taught student dissertations at both Under-graduate and Post-graduate level (in the areas of structural design, shell and spatial structures, the built environment and engineering education)
  • Tutor for the 'Virtual Design Consultancy'