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Stewart Husband

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Research group: Pennine Water Group

Cohesive layer Generation & Erosion in Water Distribution Systems - PODDS Regeneration Rig

Prediction of Discolouration in Distribution Systems

Worldwide, water companies receive many complaints from the public about the aesthetic quality of water supplies, primarily discoloured water as this is readily apparent. Such discolouration is also considered to be indicative of more serious quality problems, such as bacterial and chemical contamination. Understanding this discolouration risk is therefore of fundamental importance to the water industry and consumer confidence. Research has shown that discolouration is primarily due to cohesion of particles to the pipe walls within distribution systems and their subsequent erosion and this has been accurately simulated by the PODDS model as part of this research.

PODDS – Prediction of Discolouration in Distribution Systems

Previous studies examining discolouration have focussed on the composition of the materials entering the pipe network or the organic proliferation and effect of disinfectants. This study will focus on the effect of the conditioning hydraulic regime with the objective of monitoring the growth, erosion and mobilisation of material and subsequent regeneration of cohesive layers within pipes that compromise a model laboratory water distribution network with simulated hydraulic regimes.