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Joy Ngeci
BEng Civil Engineering
Joy chose Civil Engineering because she wanted to learn how infrastructure works, and Sheffield was perfect for her because of the large student population and all the parks.

Why did you choose your course?

Civil engineering appealed to me as the concept of building and stabilising infrastructure intrigued me. I was primarily interested in architecture when I was younger but then developed an affinity for engineering as they are responsible for structural stability. 

I was interested in learning more about how infrastructure works for example, how does one bore a tunnel through a hill and support it without any visible columns without it caving in?

What have you enjoyed most about your course so far?

Learning about the parts of civil engineering we don't always see such as geotechnical engineering and water engineering. It has been fun understanding exactly what type of work goes into the successful building and operation of a dam and water supply to individuals.

What advice would you give to a younger student considering studying your course at university?

Take your time to really explore what civil engineering is before you commit yourself to it. It can be a challenging course and it is more enjoyable if your are passionate about it. Be open-minded, curious and inquisitive. It's a very rewarding journey that should be pursued with passion.

Why did you choose to study at Sheffield?

I received a scholarship to study at the university which automatically made it my primary choice. The other offers I had received did not offer such substantial scholarship opportunities.

What are the best things about studying in your department?

The academics, the labs and the student support office. Everything works very seamlessly and you can feel the support and commitment of the department to your success.

What did you like most about the City of Sheffield? Has your time at Sheffield met your expectations so far? If yes, how?

I love Sheffield! The large student population makes you feel at home. There’s always a park nearby so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the city. Sheffield has exceeded my expectations by far. Coming to uni is a big step and I expected the movie cliché that pushes the message that uni is basically the time of your life. It is true and that for me was brought to life by the large student population that we have in the city. Being surrounded by your peers everywhere you go is quite refreshing and makes you feel like the city was built for you

Have you used any of the careers support services run by the university? If so, how have they helped you?

I subscribed to their emails on job vacancies. It's less stressful to look for jobs as they have made it easier to go about it this way

Are you in any student societies? What do you enjoy most about these activities?

  • MechSoc Women Football - love that I get to kick about every Friday evening and destress from the week. 
  • East African Society - good food and vibes that make Sheffield an even better home away from home

If you are in your final year, have you got any plans for after you graduate - either in your career or otherwise?

I plan to pursue a masters later on. I'm taking a break to rest and get the gap year I never got to have

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In a space where I am actively changing the world and making a tangible difference to the planet we call home.

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