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School of Chemical, Materials and Biological Engineering

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Dr Dan Cogswell
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Professor Dan Cogswell
School of Chemical, Materials and Biological Engineering
Sir Robert Hadfield Building
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Professor Daniel Cogswell has recently started a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship, researching how to standardise and take advantage of digital material property information in supporting better design, processing and materials selection for high integrity applications. Investigating how to apply a structural integrity mind-set (what will break next and how do we prevent it?) to the generation of materials data beyond the adoption of specified minimum properties in safety assessments.

This means Daniel is leading research into several aspects of how to generate an assured prediction of mechanical performance. Finding the means to develop serial-number specific predictions of mechanical performance requires understanding of microstructure, processing history, measured mechanical performance through standardised testing, and the service environment of the component. Essentially, how do we capture and communicate the essential data we need to make predictions of performance rather than estimates based on judgement? It is a big problem so this involves support from researchers at the University of Sheffield (Prof Hector Basoalto), the University of Manchester (Dr Ed Pickering) and Imperial College London (Dr Catrin Davies).

Daniel spent the first stage of his career focussed on improving and estimating the mechanical properties of steels used in nuclear steam raising plants. Acting as Internal Authority for Fracture Metallurgy and Materials Authority for Low Alloy Steels. Daniel has worked closely with UK metal suppliers on linking-up research activities, supporting studentships and joint programmes in several UK universities. Daniel is an active member of standards and technical committees.

Looking to add more weight to subjective judgements common in property estimation, Daniel undertook a distance learning MSc in Statistics with the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Sheffield.


2013 MSc in Statistics (The University of Sheffield)

2010 EngD in Engineered Materials for High Performance Applications in Aerospace and Related Technologies (The University of Birmingham)

2004 BEng (hons) Mechanical and Materials Engineering (The University of Birmingham)

2008-2020 - Rolls-Royce Plc and Rolls-Royce Submarines Ltd – Internal Authority Fracture Metallurgy, Materials Authority Low Alloy Steels

Research interests
  • Structural Integrity
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Material Failure Mechanisms
  • Mechanical Performance of Materials
  • Materials Data and Estimation Methods
  • Materials for High Integrity Applications
  • Low Alloy Steel Forging and Heat Treatment Processing

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Research group

Lucia Scotti

Chaitanya Paramatmuni

James Moffat (The University of Manchester)


UKRI FLF ‘Risk Assuring Future Structure Critical Systems: Combining 21st Century Science with Engineering Intuition’

Teaching interests

MAT6291 Standards, Codes and Specifications

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Member of British Standards WEE/37/-/7 Property Sub-group

Member or Institute of Materials Bulk Metalforming Technical Committee