Biomedical Engineering means a future of better healthcare. I'm very happy to be studying this degree!

Evelyn Sofia Correa Diaz – student
Evelyn Sofia Correa Diaz
Undergraduate student
Biomedical Engineering (BEng) with an Industrial Placement Year
Originally from Colombia, Evelyn arrived to find a small city, close to a wonderful hiking space and brimming with opportunity! Now, she acts as the Outreach Officer for the Engineering Without Borders Society where she goes into schools to inspire children into discovering the passion that she has for STEM.
Evelyn Sofia Correa Diaz – student

Why did you choose to study Biomedical Engineering?

People find it funny when I tell them that when I first got into university to study Biomedical Engineering, I was not really sure what ‘engineering’ actually meant.

Back then, I knew this degree blended two of the major interests I have cultivated during my study journey: biology and mathematics. However, back in Colombia, where I am from, Biomedical Engineering is a very new concept that I first discovered in my final years of high school.

I examined the field and it really amazed me. Even though I didn’t know anything about engineering or how fundamental it is for society, I am very happy to be studying this degree.

Biomedical Engineering is an incredibly inspiring subject. It allows me to explore my passion for creating high-tech systems and conducting research that pushes the boundaries for better healthcare in the future.

What have you enjoyed most about your course so far?

One of my favourite things about Biomedical Engineering is the course structure. For second and third year, we get the opportunity to choose the branch of Biomedical Engineering that we are most interested in. This has made lectures much more interesting and I have found myself reading scientific papers along the themes of my modules in my free time.

Additionally, having a great number of fascinating laboratory practicals gave me the opportunity to see, in real life, what I have been learning in theory, get experience, build laboratory skills and have fun at the same time.

One of my favourite practicals was building a bioreactor from scratch and growing real algae inside of it!

What advice would you give to a younger student considering studying Biomedical Engineering at Sheffield?

When I was starting my degree, I would have appreciated someone telling me that hands-on experience is key in any professional journey. I also recommend that new students have an open mind and try new things.

The university provides a lot of projects, societies, volunteering schemes and so on in which you can make valuable connections and learn as much as you can, even if it is not related to your course.

Moreover, beyond the academic aspects, university is a period in your life to enjoy, build beautiful friendships, make wholesome memories and grow personally along the way.

Make the most of this experience! You only live once, so enjoy every second of it!

We hear you are just about to start your Industrial Placement Year! Tell us more about that.

I will start my placement this year in Centre for Progress Innovation (CPI) as a placement student in Biotechnology specialising in Agritech/Sugar Fermentation.

I’m really looking forward to starting! I used the Employability Hub, which helped me shape my CV, learn how to write cover letters and how to perform well in job interviews. This all came as a very useful guide when I was applying to get my placement and, after the help sessions provided by the Hub, I was able to get an offer from a company in just a couple of months.

Why did you choose to study at Sheffield?

I did my International Foundation Year (the equivalent of A Levels in Columbia) in the NCUK programme, which have partnerships with many universities in the UK, including the University of Sheffield.

However, I finally decided to study in Sheffield based on the university rankings for my degree. Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to look more into what the University of Sheffield offers new students. The supportive Faculty of Engineering, high-tech facilities and big international community caught my attention. It was my first option in when I was applying.

What are the best things about studying in the Faculty of Engineering?

I think the best aspect of the Faculty of Engineering is the student support. Specifically, I love the projects where you can get relevant knowledge and skills; the help it provides with CV writing and job interview preparations; the extra maths and statistics workshops for strengthening your foundations; and the offer of student-led projects for doing a real engineering project for society.

What do you love most about the City of Sheffield?

One of my favourite things about Sheffield is how student-friendly it is. Many events are for students; the majority of stores and restaurants will also have student discounts or a partnership with University societies for bigger discounts; and the city prices are affordable.

I come from the capital of Colombia, which is a very big city, so I was surprised to find that everything is walkable in Sheffield! It is also a very safe city.

Last but not least, one of the best things about living in Sheffield is its proximity to the Peak District, so I can go for a hike whenever I like!

Are you in any student societies? What do you enjoy most about these activities?

Since first-year, I have been a very active member of Engineers Without Borders and Women in Engineering societies.

I participated in many workshops with Python, laser cutting, and engineering challenges offered and made long-lasting friends. I enjoyed it that much that during my second year I was selected to be in the Engineers Without Borders Committee as the Outreach Officer.

I was in charge of leading the volunteering schemes where engineering students go to local primary schools and extracurricular groups to teach children about the importance of engineering in our daily life and to inspire future generations to pursue a career in STEM.

I got the opportunity to have fun with the kids and highly improve my public speaking skills. This has definitely been one of my favourite society activities so far.

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