Professor Daniel Hausman “Health, Wellbeing and Preferences”

CWiPP were delighted to welcome Professor Daniel Hausman to Sheffield on 30th November 2017 to deliver a keynote lecture on “Health, Wellbeing and Preferences”. The lecture was interesting and thought-provoking.

CWiPP Keynote Lecture

Summary of the lecture

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) uses a methodology that relies on representing the benefits of health care technologies in terms of numbers, by relying on public preferences over different health states. Dan Hausman presented his critique of this approach by addressing “a different and potentially powerful argument in defence of assigning values by eliciting preferences.”

A recording of the lecture is available to watch below.

Lecture slides (490KB)

About the speaker

Professor Daniel Hausman is a philosopher based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Most of his research has focused on methodological, metaphysical, and ethical issues at the boundaries between economics and philosophy. He co-founded the journal Economics and Philosophy and edited it for its first ten years. His most important books include Capital, Profits, and Prices: An Essay in the Philosophy of Economics (1981), Economic Analysis and Moral Philosophy (co-authored with Michael McPherson in 1996), and Preference, Value, Choice and Welfare (2011). His most recent book is Valuing Health: Well-Being, Freedom, and Suffering (2015).

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