Data Connect works closely with our research partners to understand and align with their data and research priorities.

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Meet some of the health and social care providers and decision makers we’ve worked with, and discover how we work together to improve the health outcomes for the people of South Yorkshire.

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NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board

Operational since 2022, Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) plan, coordinate, and evaluate health and care systems so that they can be delivered in a way that  improves the health and care of the people they serve. An important part of the NHS, they deliver improved services and better value for money, tackling inequalities in healthcare and social care so there are fairer outcomes for all. 

Data Connect is working with the ICB to support their data and digital innovation goals and have provided data-driven recommendations to support public health across the region.

  • We are working with the ICB to develop a database of patient data representing South Yorkshire for the NHS Yorkshire and Humber subnational Secure Data Environment.
  • Through Data Connect, researchers at the University of Sheffield have analysed emergency care and admitted patient data to  provide recommendations to address the increased pressures on the NHS seen during winter. Data Connect provided a detailed localised report to the SY-ICB to support their internal evaluation of emergency department processes. 

Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network

NHS Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN, to be renamed ‘Health Innovation Networks’) encourage innovation through collaboration across healthcare, academic, and industry partners. The Yorkshire and Humber AHSN is coordinating the regional delivery of the NHS network of subnational Secure Data Environments.

  • Data Connect is working closely with the Yorkshire and Humber AHSN and the SY-ICB to deliver the South Yorkshire component of the Yorkshire and Humber subnational Secure Data Environment.  
  • We are developing the data, technology and governance processes that will enable secure access to regional data while maintaining rigorous patient confidentiality.

Health Data Research UK

Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) is the national institute for health data science. They work to improve health data science, advance analytic approaches, and support improved healthcare for people across the UK. Through HDRUK, Data Connect supported the COVID-19 National Core Study on Data and Connectivity initiated by Sir Patrick Vallance in October 2020.

  • The aim of the Data and Connectivity core study was to improve the speed at which researchers could access vital healthcare data for urgent medical treatment and vaccination development, accelerating research evidence-informed policies for COVID-19 response, pandemic recovery and future health threat preparedness. 
  • The University of Sheffield, through Data Connect, led on a project that used emergency care and admissions data to examine variation in the way hospitals across England and Scotland manage patients who arrive via emergency departments. This research supported preparedness for future healthcare (such as winter pressures), reducing unplanned hospital admissions, and reducing inequalities in urgent care sensitive submissions.
  • Read more about Regional Linked Health Data for Research Programme on the HDRUK website