Fees and financial support for full-time students

This information applies to students who are studying a full-time course with the Department for Lifelong Learning.

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Prospective students

The fee for students who will start the foundation year in September 2021 is £9,250 per year.

If you successfully progress to a University of Sheffield degree from your foundation year your fees will be the standard undergraduate fee.

The fees to be charged by the University will be updated on the University website and if there is any inconsistency between a print publication (such as the prospectus) and the website, the website should be taken as correct.

You can confirm your tuition fees by using the University's undergraduate fee look-up tool.

Current Students

Fees for students who started their course at the University between September 2017 and September 2020 are £9,250.  

Fees for students who started their course at the University prior to September 2017 are £9,000.  


Tuition fee loans

All eligible home fee paying students can take out a student loan each year to cover the full cost of their tuition fees. To be eligible you must be studying at university level for the first time and be eligible to pay the home rate of fees. There are no age restrictions on tuition fee loans.

You can check the full list of eligibility criteria on the government website.

Maintenance loans

Home students may also be able to apply for a living cost loan (also known as a maintenance loan). The amount you can borrow is determined by your household income and where you live.

The drop down boxes below show how much you could borrow depending on your circumstances.   

Students who stay in their family home during their studies (2021 entry)
Household income Maintenance loan
£25,000 or less £7,987
£35,000 £6,642
£45,000 £5,296
£55,000 £3,950
£58,220 or above £3,516
Students who move out of their family home during their studies (2021 entry)
Household income Maintenance loan
£25,000 or less £9,488
£35,000 £8,130
£45,000 £6,771
£55,000 £5,412
£62,286 or above £4,422
Students aged 60 or over on the first day of their course (2021 entry)
Household income Maintenance loan
£25,000 or less £4,014
£30,000 £2,957
£35,000 £1,900
£40,000 £843
£43,751 or above £0

Spending a year abroad

You can continue to access support for your tuition fees and living costs if you decide to spend a year abroad as part of your course. The amount you receive may differ to when you are studying in Sheffield. Further information about studying abroad is available from our Global Opportunities and Exchanges web pages.

Global Opportunities and Exchanges


You won't make any repayments on your loan until the April after you have left university and you are earning above the repayment threshold (currently £27,295 per year).

When you meet both of these criteria your repayments will be calculated as 9% of any earnings above the repayment threshold (currently £27,295). For example, using the current repayment threshold, if you earn £30,000 you will repay 9% of the £2,705 you earn above the £27,295 threshold (£243.45 per year or £20.29 per month).

Further details on repayments can be found on the government website.

Please note that the University of Sheffield is not an approved Advanced Learner Loans provider (formally known as 24+ Advanced Learning Loans).

Support from the University

University of Sheffield Bursary Scheme

The University offers bursaries to full-time students who meet the eligibility criteria, these awards are non-repayable.


In order to to receive a bursary you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have a household income below the specified threshold for the year you started your course (see below).
  • Be studying an eligible course within the Department for Lifelong Learning (DLL)
  • Be eligible to receive a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan from Student Finance England (or equivalent funding body).
  • Not already hold an equivalent or higher level qualification.

How to apply

There's no need to apply for a bursary. All registered students will be automatically assessed and contacted before the end of October. If you think you are eligible to receive a bursary but have not been contacted by the start of November please contact us

In order to be assessed for a bursary you will need to have your household income assessed by Student Finance. This is usually done when you apply for a maintenance loan. 

If you are not intending on applying for a maintenance loan you will still need to submit the application but request £0 loan. This allows us to assess you for the bursary without you receiving any loan. Please contact us if you require further support with this.  

If you transfer course to outside the Department for Lifelong Learning you will continue to be assessed for the Department for Lifelong Learning (DLL) Bursary. Please note that you must complete your foundation year to continue to be assessed for the DLL Bursary.

How much could you get

The amount you could receive depends on your household income and the year you started your course. The table below shows the University of Sheffield Bursary for full time students starting their course in September 2021.

2021 entry

Household income Award per year of study
£0-£25,000 £1,250
£25,001-£30,000 £750
£30,001-£40,000 £500

If you started your course before September 2021 you should refer to the information in the drop-down box below for your year of entry. 

2020 entry
Household income Award per year of study
£0-£25,000 £1,250
£25,001-£30,000 £750
£30,001-£40,000 £500
2019 entry
Household income Award per year of study
£0-£25,000 £1,250
£25,001-£30,000 £500
£30,001-£40,000 £250
2018 entry
Household income Award per year of study
£0-£25,000 £2,000
£25,001-£30,000 £1,000
£30,001-£40,000 £500
2017 entry
Household income Award per year of study
£0-£25,000 £2,000
£25,001-£30,000 £1,000
£30,001-£40,000 £500
2016 entry
Household income Award per year of study
£0-£25,000 £3,000
£25,001-£30,000 £1,250
£30,001-£35,000 £1,000
£35,001-£42,875 £750
2015 entry
Household income Award per year of study
£0-£25,000 £3,000
£25,001-£30,000 £1,250
£30,001-£35,000 £1,000
£35,001-£42,620 £750

Points to note

  • Your assessment for a bursary is dependent on your circumstances prior to starting your studies. The University will re-assess your eligibility for a bursary for each year of your course.
  • It is your responsibility to have the necessary assessment required for a bursary or to provide the required evidence as requested.
  • If you are repeating a period of study you will need to contact us to ask to be reassessed for your bursary. If you are studying fewer than 120 credits your bursary may be awarded on a pro-rata basis. 
  • Bursaries do not normally have to be paid back, as they are a grant not a loan. However if you withdraw from your course or take a leave of absence you may have to repay a percentage of your bursary that you received in that academic year.
  • If you transfer to a course outside of the Department for Lifelong Learning (DLL) you will still be assessed for same award. Please note that you must complete your foundation year to continue to be assessed for the DLL Bursary.
  • Full terms and conditions of the University of Sheffield Bursary Scheme are available on our web site

    Enhanced bursaries

    Enhanced bursaries are available to students who have caring responsibilities for an ill or disabled family member, are estranged from their families or are care leavers. Further information can be found on the following web pages:


    As well as bursaries, the University offers a number of scholarships to prospective students to help fund your study and enhance your learning experience. We will email you inviting you to apply for any scholarships you are eligible for.

    Other financial support

      Student parents and students with disabilities can apply for additional support.

      Financial difficulties

      The University provides financial support to registered students with exceptional financial difficulties or higher than average costs. Please note that applications can only be accepted once you have registered on your course.

      Financial assistance from the University

      Funding Team

      For specific questions about fees, bursaries, scholarships and financial support, get in touch:


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