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This website is part of a project funded by the Natural Environment Research Council of the UK which focuses on testing the instability theory of subglacial bedform production.

Drumlin map

Chris Clark, Andrew Fowler, Richard Hindmarsh, Chris Stokes, Felix Ng, Matteo Spagnolo, Heike Gramberg, Paul Dunlop Anna Hughes, and Sarah Greenwood have all been working on the project either mapping and measuring bedforms to learn about their properties or by developing theoretical and numerical models of how they might form.

We list some publications further below.

Our published maps

These can be downloaded (at no cost) from the Journal of Maps.

  • Dunlop, P. and Clark, C.D. (2006). Distribution of Ribbed Moraine in the Lac Naococane Region, Central Québec, CanadaJournal of Maps. 2006, 59-70.
  • Stokes, C.R., Clark, C.D., Lian, O.B. and Tulaczyk, S. (2006). Geomorphological map of ribbed moraine on the Dubawnt Lake palaeo-ice stream bed: a signature of ice stream shutdown? Journal of Maps. 2006, 1-9.
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  • Hughes, A.L.C., Clark, C.D., and Jordan, C.J. (2010). Subglacial bedforms of the last British Ice SheetJournal of Maps, v2010, 2543-565.
  • doi:10.4113/jom.2010.1111


A Drumlin bibliography 

To aid drumlin researchers, here is a list of over 500 publications that we know of. Please help us update it.

A Drumlin bibliography (PDF, 212KB)

Papers and abstracts

Some of our own papers on subglacial bedforms, with abstracts.

Papers and abstracts (PDF, 104KB)

If you really want to know how drumlins form

Check out this short movie that shows, for the first time, geophysical observations of a drumlin initiating from a flat plane and growing into the classical half-egg shape.

The landforming process took just over 2.5 hours, and we have compressed this evolution into a time-lapse movie of less than two minutes.


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