Seminar tutors were more than willing to review the lecture and answer every question with great patience

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Jiayi Wei
MA Education: Language and Education
Language and Education Masters graduate, Jiayi Wei, has been inspired to continue her studies in Education with plans to go on to study for a PhD.

I will always be proud of myself used to be a student in the School of Education, University of Sheffield.

My major was accounting in my undergraduate period. At the time I realised my ambition to devote myself into education field, I changed my major when applying for the postgraduate study. While working as a part-time English teacher, I helped my students avoid the detour I met when I learned as a student. I value the most to see the improvement and achievement of my student. Therefore, I believe the learning experience in the MA Language and Education programme gave me a great opportunity to learn the basic language teaching method, in which I learned the how to teach or help my students efficiently.

I appreciate the time in the seminar the most. The study pattern in China is different with the one in the UK. I felt hard when not forming the habit of previewing the course in advance. The seminar gives me a great opportunity to understand the lecture contents better. In other words, I think it is a great supplement of the knowledge I missed in the lecture. In addition,a great opport every seminar tutors were more than willing to lead us review the lecture and answering every question in great patience. I found it unity to learn and discuss in seminars. It is beyond my expectation.

The experience in the postgraduate study inspires me to explore more in education field. I’m now working in an English teaching research company to apply and verify the knowledge especially the second language teaching theory. At the same time, I’m also preparing for the PhD study to learn and gain more in second language education.

Every prospective students who changes the major in the postgraduate level do not have to worry about the missing knowledge in undergraduate period. Professors in every module suggested many useful materials to help understand the lectures. Altogether with the seminars, so, do not worry about the difficulty just read and ask questions as much as you can. 

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