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Lindsay Hirst
MA Educational Research, Cambridge University
BA Education, Culture and Childhood
Lindsay built research experience with participation in the Global Learning Opportunities in Social Sciences scheme and an On CampUS placement.

I graduated from the School of Education in summer 2018, so it really hasn’t been that long since I left Sheffield. 

I participated in the Global Learning Opportunities in Social Sciences (GLOSS) scheme in my second year, which was an amazing experience in and of itself, given that the uni basically paid me to travel around Europe with a senior lecturer to see first hand how research is conducted.

I then built on this in third year through an On CampUS placement, where I spent 100 hours further developing the project I was working on for GLOSS.

There are so many opportunities to take advantage of here at Sheffield, whether it be gaining skills and training for an academic career like I did, or simply having a taste of what potential graduate jobs are like.

Lindsay Hirst

BA Education, Culture and Childhood

I applied for my masters here because I enjoyed my undergraduate degree so much, but I also decided to shoot for the moon by applying to Cambridge as well. I was shocked enough when they made me an offer for my course in Educational Research, but then they offered me funding, not only for masters but also a PhD via the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) studentship, and it’s like a dream I still haven’t woken up from yet.

Of course, my success was only made possible with the help and advice I received both during and after my degree. Jamal deserves huge thanks for his guidance on the second year Research and Researching module, which gave me excellent grounding for my undergraduate research and beyond. It also gave me knowledge of how to write a good research proposal, which was essential for my ESRC application, and he actually made statistics fun and interesting. I also owe my gratitude to Vassiliki, my dissertation supervisor, who was endlessly patient with me in third year, and finally to Tim who has continued to support me even after graduation.

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